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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 14, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> alma >> it is on the peak alma offramp near 280. the right on highway 4 westbound, there was a motorcycle accident, safely the crash was cleared the traffic is a slower than usual and was
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found through antioch. as we continue deride westward you will see slowing to a pittsburgh and the will topaz as you head has bailey rode. the costs rise to a pleasant hill, 680, 242 southbound is still pretty good fit leading down to the walnut creek and to change. no delays there. already starting to get some slowing. here is a bridge check as we go to the bay bridge and the westbound ride. no problems on the e.d. approach. here we are only backed up to just pass the parking lot. the san mateo bridge has been pretty good. in easy trip in both directions. your golden gate bridge from marin county looks great this morning with no delays on the southbound side. >> and we are following a developing story of oakland's, a burning body found in the road.
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hard oakland police department is not saying a lot. one lieutenant said they have called the public information officer along with homicide detectives. so far as they have not said anything. passes as soon as we have more information will pass >> that >> this is news
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adjusted to the kron 4 news from. a fisherman found a body of a man is near a golf course in san jose. it was near the peak los lagos golf course in san jose. this happened about 5:00 p.m.. emergency crews got there as soon as they could. police are investigating right now. information regarding the victim is not immediately available. we will continue to follow the story and bring the information as promised -- as soon as we get it. >> time is 7 05 a.m.. tuition could be higher for university of california students. the border regions is voting to raise tuition by 9.6%. here is a video of employees protesting the education cuts. when a
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nearly 10% tuition hike on top of the previously approved 8% increase means that in state undergrads could pay just over $12,000 for tuition. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from walnut creek.
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>> 7:08 a.m.. we have a low cloud cover his lead over the health but not nearly as bad as it has been. sens currently 57 in oakland, 64 is the high. we have no clouds or drizzle. a full check on your forecast in a minute. it >> enough is enough. those were the words of president obama as he abruptly ended debt negotiations with republicans. erick kanter says he and the president squared off. the president added, did not call my bluff. an agreement must be
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reached by the august 2nd deadline. is not washington will run out of money before it starts defaulted on debt. >> if holden
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>> to a modest impact on the debris to. slow pass the 80 over crossing. we have been incident free on the bridge. on the san
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mateo bridge, traffic continues to move well. no problems of a high-rise or getting out to 101.
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>> this morning is not nearly as bad as it has been. dealers low cloud cover during the 7:00 a.m. hour. most of the east bay and north bay will see relatively mild conditions. here is where temperatures are at the moment. cooler to the north.
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>> the parents of the bryan stow, the giants fan who was beaten back in march have been named as creditors in the dodgers' bankruptcy case. they sued the dodgers following the beating. this is video of the family. the dodgers then filed for bankruptcy. the main suspect
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in the case, giovanni ramirez is behind bars on an unrelated parole violation. >> one street in san francisco has more violence per capita than any other street in the city. from november of last year to may of this year, there were 240 crimes in the one block of turk street between mason in detail. -- scanned taylor. >> the chilean government is now contributing $20,000 to information leading to the
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killer of a chilean citizen killed in he knows to berkeley to be with his fiancee and was shot during a robbery attack. the city of berkeley and bay area crime stoppers had previously offered a $17,000 reward. the chilean government has added to their reward following strong interest from the people of chile. >> a judge will decide whether to hold this man over for trial in connection with the death of his two year-old stepped grandson in 2010. the toddler was fatally mauled by a pack of campbell's no. all and the by- she. he kept them in his bay area home with the grandson was when he was attacked. how she is being charged with child abuse, owning a vicious animal and enhancements for allowing a child to be in a situation resulted in its death. >> on our facebook fan page we
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have been discussing the charges that he is facing. your comments are a bit mixed. here are a couple of responses.
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r b been ... kaufman pittsburgh
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>> a semi crashed into a pedestrian. we will follow the latest. yoli eceves is on the scene and will have information shortly. >> a santa rosa teenager remembered at a gathering last night. they believe the team may have died by drinking alcohol at a slumber party in her own home. teachers and friends say that she was smart, funny and that she will be missed. >> there were hugs and tears as
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friends and teachers remember takimi. she just graduated from the eighth grade in may and was going to high school and the fall. many wrote about how special she was. >> she was bright and the bubbly. always smiling. i have so many memories of her. very respectful. a great girl all- around. i have only been teaching for three years. losing a student is like losing a child. hist
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>> she would never do anything to hurt herself. her drinking alcohol is a surprise. >> everyone who attended the gathering plans to go to her memorial service on friday. investigators are still waiting for the toxicology report to find out if she ducked of " poisoning.
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hot >> use a tractor-trailer hit a
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pedestrian. it is a quite a gruesome scene. what do you know about this accident? >> this was a fatal accident and under investigation. it happens about 6:22 a.m. we got a phone call that there was an accident involving a tractor- trailer carrying vehicles and a minibus and taking people to work. the accident occurred at spokane's octavia. the impact caused a passenger to be ejected from the minibus. >> this was not a pedestrian crossing the street? >> person was inside of the shuttle and ejected from the shuttle bus. >> do we know any preliminary information? >> it is still early in the investigation. our hit and run is out here investigating. we do know that the tractor-trailer
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was going northbound octavia but we do not know the direction of the shuttle bus. >> other than the fatality, any injury to the drivers? >> i do not have information on any other injuries. >> we want to go quickly to our
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san francisco camera. the impact of this accident is affecting the it out down the central freeway. this son -- if this is your normal route you want to get off on ninth street or avoid the central freeway. you're better bet is to get off at seventh street which is the next exit around the corner. big problems in san francisco with a ripple effect that is starting to reach on 2101 northbound. on the bay bridge toll plaza, the
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commute is not bad. westbound traffic continues to move smoothly both from the 880 approach and here at the heart of the toll plaza. also, a reminder about an earlier current problem, our san jose hot spot, we still have lanes on the alma offramp shut down because of the sinkhole. it will be close to the morning commute. 7:33 a.m.. here is james fletcher. >> we have and look at typical temperatures that we would normally see for this day in july. as i reveal the next column, these are the tabriz we are expecting to date. we are quite a bit lower on every level, for every city. 15-20 degrees cooler in some cases. a complete look at your forecast coming up a little bit. >> time is 733 a m. a
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developing story out of gold would, a body was found burning in the middle of the room. jackie sissel is live taking a look at the scene. what are they doing right now? this is an area and rock ridge. a residential area. in this neighborhood is where a body was found on fire. police have been going door-to-door searching and asking people if they sought anything or heard anything. there was really nothing around the burning body at the time that it was founded this morning. this occurred overnight. we do not have very much information at all other than that. they are also searching through the records of crimes last night, a missing
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person's records and everything else to solve this mystery in oakland where a body was found on fire. >> we have new information on a story i have been falling, a fisherman found a body next to a golf course in san jose. police are telling us there are no signs of a homicide. the body was found near the needs los lagos profs course. a fisherman was in the creek near the lows lagos or golf course when he came across a body floating in the water. information regarding the victim is not immediately available.
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>> the uc system is voting on raising tuition 9.6% for this coming fall. that is on top of the 8.6% increase already approved. students could be facing a 17.6% increase this fall. leaders say tuition increases are necessary because of recent $650 million loss in state spending. here is a look at what is at stake with that tuition hike. that means that in state undergraduates could expect to pay $12,000 for tuition. student protests are scheduled for 1:30 p.m.. hawker >> 70 6:00 a.m.. we are back with more than a couple of minutes as we continue to follow that traffic cops thought. a sinkhole opened up in san jose.
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not really affecting the commute, the work should be done by the evening commute. we will be right back.
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>> the time is 7:39 a.m.. a fatal crash in san francisco, a semi hit a shuttle bus, a passenger was ejected from the shuttle bus and died. this happened a short time ago on octavia near oak street. we have a crew live on the scene and we will continue to bring you details as they become available. >> we are also falling whether this morning. the bay bridge approach, low cloud cover is beginning to break up. we will be following that, let's walk you through our with the headlines. breezy and cool conditions this morning. less cloud cover and fallog. this
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afternoon temperatures will be well below normal. no more eighties or nineties until the middle of next week. a full look at whether coming up. >> a lot of developing stories. we will be right back on an upstate on them as the kron 4 morning news continues. >>
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>> , a key for even allow for
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fall 1/2 >> the fatal accident involving a semi and a mini bus shuttle, it was a white male that was ejected and killed. you can see how hard the collision was. the front end of the tractor trailer that was carrying cars, this all happened at around 6:20 a.m.. the victim was ejected from the shuttle and landed on the ground. unfortunately he was crushed by the tractor trailer. he was pinned underneath this and is still here at this time. octavia will be shut down. this is a major thoroughfare. there is no timetable on when this place will be reopened. there were three minor injuries. we will try to get more information in just a few minutes.
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>> let's get a look at traffic. we have other issues this morning as well. >> because this is the octavius street expressway, this is a major thoroughfare to the central freeway. it carries traffic into the rest of the freeway systems in san francisco. it has also affected gough street which is the southbound arterial. it is really snarling traffic. that is not the extent of it. because the expressway is closed in both directions it is also affecting the central freeway. if the backup we see coming from 101 northbound is because of the accident on city streets, that is also starting to affect northbound highway 101 heading into the city coming up from the 280 interchange. orrianother hot
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spot in the south bay on the guadalupe parkway where you can see planes are shut down at the all of offramp gan on southbound 87 because of a sinkhole that was discovered in the early morning hours, actually late last night. a patch was done to the section of roadway as recently as tuesday but they are having continuing problems. the roadbed has given way underneath this pavement. a look at your ride on the toll plaza commute on the bay bridge, very light traffic this morning. this is very good news for the westbound ride. there are no problems getting to the san mateo bridge or golden gate bridge. in the weather center, james fletcher is ready with an update.
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>> we have a view from mt. tam to show you. we will take a look at what we have in store weather wise. hot temperatures this afternoon are still well below normal by a large margin. 50-20 degrees below normal. all and all today is a better day than yesterday. here is where temperatures are. 15-20 degrees below normal. the numbers today are cooler than where we were yesterday.
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as for the fall, we are still showing a fall penetrating towards the oakland area and hugging the north bay coast into the peninsula coastline. it is going to continue to push in live as we progress of the clock. by 6:00 p.m. the cloud cover is at least out to livermore. by midnight, it becomes widespread. north bay and south bay. in terms of the highs this afternoon, once again on the cool side. your 7 day forecast shows to those inland spots and did not go back into the '80s until saturday. 7:49 a.m., back to
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>> you> you were people sought on of limit benefits last week. that is an encouraging sign that the job market might slowly be improving. weekly applications dropped to buy 22,000 for of americans filing for unemployment. this is a lowest level in almost three months. the government says the total has increased by 11,500 because of state workers in minnesota filing. >> last night more than 100 people showed up for a community meeting. many were latinos this book about negative experiences they have had with san was a police. they say they are free to report crimes because they do not trust police. committee members say they are concerned about the department's recent collaboration with federal immigration agents. they say that will increase racial profiling into deportation. if
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all of to a story from tuesday, a pedestrian killed early tuesday of a connector ramp has now been identified. the san mateo county coroner identified him as 57 year-old gwen moore said. he was a san francisco resident who was struck by a car and died. no one else was injured. chp investigators are trying to determine what he was on the roadway. >> prosecutors will not seek this death penalty against sikh regiments workshop worker in the killing of togolese at a neighboring business. -- prosecutors will not seek the death penalty against a fisherman's wharf shop worker in the killing of two people in the neighboring business. next week prosecutors will decide on whether to seek a trial on his mental competency or allow him
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to go to a medical facility for treatment. coming up in this 7:51 a.m.. we are back with more in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look at oakland's. a body was found on fire.
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>> the united states in the women's world cup finals since the first time since 1999. a 3-1 victory over france. the american team will face japan in sunday's title match. >> last night was used for a lot of athletes at psp awards. this morning, most people are buzzing about giants pitcher brian wilson. a spandex tuxedo.
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on our facebook fan page, a lot of funny captions have been coming in from our viewers. here is what some viewers have to say. >> if you would like to join in on the fun on our facebook fan page, check us out. hugh >> are the drama series of four emmys. the series finale of friday night lights this friday on kron 4. >> for best comedy series, these are the nominees.
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>> the emmys are on a september 18th. we are back in 2 minutes as the kron 4 morning news continues. >> a live look for breaking news story in san francisco. an accident ejected someone from a shuttle bus. we will follow the latest in a live report.
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box hodgepodge
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>> but a body found in oakland. we are live on the scene. if >> a. siegel putting driver is in jeopardy. more on that coming up. >> as tuition hike takes place
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today, we will tell you what students can expect. >> a fatal accident this morning. will tread of allied up at the intersection of octavia and upholstery with more on what is happening. >> this accident happened in 90 minutes ago. it is not going anywhere. we do not even see a big rig out here to pick up the tractor trailer that was involved in the accident. octavia is a major thoroughfare for people getting on and off 101. you can see the fire trucky are being diverted. that is causing confusion around the area because around 6:20 a.m. a tractor-trailer carrying the eagles got into an accident with a uc shuttle was carrying employees to work. the one fatality was a man in his 40's, he was ejected from the shuttle. not only did he lands on the ground, after landing on the
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ground he was crushed by the tractor trailer. his body is still at the scene. that is the indication that the coroner's office still has to do work and investigators still have to take measurements. they are not giving a timetable on when the scene will be cleared. a lot going on. surrounding streets are being blocked off because of this accident scene. we are getting more information. octavia, not only does it connect to 101, it connects to market. a lot going on. confusion in the pocket. as far as how the accident started, we do not know at this time. >> george, what is the effect? >> a ripple effect. at its next outbound traffic. both directions of octavia into the expressway are shut down. this not only dis' the central freeway receives traffic from it. as we look at our downtown san francisco camera on the
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james lick freeway, the connector ramp is backed up because the central freeway is slow back to interstate 880 and the rest of high with 101. the ramp is now affecting 101 northbound which is solid from before the 280 interchange all the way into downtown. it is also starting to back up to 80 northbound. most of that traffic next with 101 heading into downtown san francisco or through san francisco to the lower deck of the debris. if the city streets accident affects not only market street, at tv history, oak street and also gough street. it is now affecting the freeway system as well. another hot spot in san jose, caltran workers are finally on the scene inspecting this sinkhole where the underlying roadbed has given way allowing the pavement, the asphalt patch * to slip away.
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the left lane of the all mauve offramp is closed. the right wave of southdown guadalupe parkway its shutdown. they fully this is the non commute directions. the impasse has been >> will tran this lot on the scene where a body was found burning. >> investigators have been out here since about 430 a m. that is when the call came in the sun
8:04 am
that was burning in the middle of the road, the 5800 block of ivanhoe. that is when they discovered the body in the street and have closed down everything. somewhat since then we have been waiting to get more information. according to one of the detectives it appears that the body has been dumped. it is not a resident or anyone who lives in the neighborhood. the investigation is continuing, the coroner's van has just shown up. what are expected to give new information from the police department within minutes. >> we will check back with you. pigs for the update. >> how a fishermen found a body of a man " near a golf course in san jose. police are saying that they saw no signs of a homicide. there was a creek near los lagos on golf course, that
8:05 am
is where the investigation is going on this morning. the fisherman down body floating in the creek and called 911. we do not help all of information on the victim of the moment. we are told he is not a homeless person. police are investigating and we will bring you details as they come into the newsroom. >> the time is 8:04 a.m.. things are looking up and getting sunday. >> walnut creek showing us some good sunshine on 680.
8:06 am
>> as we head towards 6:00 p.m., the fog is beginning to build back and reaching out to livermore. towards midnight the fall becomes bay area wide. it is not as intense as it was yesterday. there is no >> we are starting to warm up a bit. here are your current temperatures. the warm-up is beginning. by noon temperatures will look like this, 50s and 60s mainly around the bay and '70s popping up in the usual places.
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>> the time is 8 07 a.m.. tuition could go up again for university of california students. the board is set to vote on a 9% -- the board is set to vote on a 9.6% increase. today a student demonstration is planned. this is video of administrator demonstrations yesterday. here is a look at what could happen. a nearly 10 percent hike would come on top of the already approved a 8 percent hike. a student protest
8:08 am
is set for 1:30 p.m.. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. here is a live look outside at the golden gate.
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hough >> enough is enough. those are the words of president a bomb obar
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say that he and the president square off about the terms of the negotiations. the president reportedly said to not call my bluff. ronald reagan would not sit here like this. by august 2nd washington will default on its debt. >> moody investors services is threatening to lower the united states credit rating. the agency says there is a small but growing risk that the government will default on debt. a downgrade would raise interest rates on treasury bonds, increasing the interest paid by taxpayers. it would also push up rates for mortgage, car loans and other debt. a live look at wall street. the dow is up 25 points. a wall street seems to like the new jobless numbers, applications fell by 22,000, the
8:12 am
lowest level in almost three months. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. a live look out at san francisco. braha tahitian mention will
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work month visit bif
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>> gary radnich. good morning. >> i am all for showing off but when you're not working and do you look in the closet and say, how much attention will i again by wearing this? i believe in showing off to the fullest when you do your job. that is what you are supposed to do. in your of hours when you want people to look at you, i do not know. >> it is all about self- promotion. some viewers on facebook said he looks like mr. penanut.
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>> on the amount he does not look that big. >> welcome to those of you in attendance, per the millions of you watching at home and the millions more watching from inside of brian's beard. [laughing] >> some pictures have goatees, brian wilson has an entire go to. [laughter] >> looks like your beard is
8:17 am
wearing a fake beard. [laughter] >> we are paid to comment on things. believe me, i did all week in the morning and worry about brian wilson is wearing. pepper
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>> use in women's sports do not have a huge volunteers. she >> then i come back >> i guess. our in your circle friends,? >> develoit would help if you d some celebritiesstars. whipple
8:19 am
>> some people do that. >> i do not ever remember sitting at a sporting of that thinking, and looked at her sweat. hawks >> how of the big save on twitter is married me hope. there is some big industrialists, stephan five- star. he is a capitalist, he is on the bandwagon. i bet you on sunday we will see a ton more of these marry me hold signs. as
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you said, we can root for the flag but it takes a star. once they start bringing out some of the girls and saying, look at her, here is her story or whenever, people will catch fire. >> in 1999 when it may and ham and randy travis dane and all of that, they played a bunch of games for the united states, that helped. i think the world cup final was in the rose bowl and they played a game at >> what made news after words
8:21 am
was the big wind and the shirts. >> did you your fan that gave the ball back to teeter is getting his own baseball card. they are going to make sure that he gets $50,000 and his own baseball card. >> a guy like derek jeter probably does a lot that we do not know about and helps a lot of people, it would be nice for him to step forward and white out his student loans. >> yes. >> this is one of those deals where the bottom line is small enough you can just pay the whole thing. i >> absolutely. i am going to
8:22 am
keep on this. i am waiting for that. >> it is always great to spend other people's money. >> absolutely. we will be right back.
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>> a judge will decide whether to try 56 -- 53 year-old steven high on she for the death
8:27 am
of this debt grandson in 2010. the toddler was fatally mauled by a pigboat owned by high on >> here is what some viewers have to say.
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>> in a developing story, a fatal accident on the streets of san francisco. octavia n. oakes streets. it was a big rig and a minibus? >> it was a big rig and a uc shuttle taking employees to work. the accident occurred around 620 a m. one fatality was a passenger on the shuttle who was ejected from the shuttle. we do not know if he died from the impact on the ground or if he was killed by the tractor trailer. police are still at the scene. it could take quite some time. the medical examiner left the scene because it is still under investigation. it will come back once the investigation is done. look at what it has done to the traffic. those are
8:31 am
cars coming off of 101 at market. it is terrible and has gotten worse over the past 30 minutes with traffic being diverted up page. they are not even saying how long it will take. traffic has shut down the twin octavia. firefighters are still here and waiting for a big truck to possibly lift the tractor-trailer and remove the body. a lot going on that has caused a lot of confusion and vehicles being diverted. hopefully we will get an update from the public information officer on exactly what caused this accident. i can tell you that one fatality was a white male in his '40's. there were three injuries that were not life-threatening including a driver taken to the hospital. >> you said that this was an employee shuttle? do we know where this person work?
8:32 am
>> this person worked back ucsf general. they were being taken to work at the time. it looks like they were t. bone. the tractor-trailer was going north on octavia and the shuttle was going down both towards market street. both drivers saw one another, we do not know which ran a red light.
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> the guadalupe, offramp is closed down. it is not affecting the commute in the northbound direction. >> a developing story out of oakland. a body found burning in the rock ridge neighborhood. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >> a real mystery in this quiet neighborhood. you can see fire officials out here on the scene. the coroner's van just left with the body. we were just told by one of the lieutenants from the oakland police department that it was identified as a woman's body. the investigation is
8:35 am
continuing right now. obviously they want to figure out how the verdict body was brought to this neighborhood. they do not know who it is. there is no positive i.d. on the woman's body. the corner will have to do figure points on the body. it is a real mystery. white neighborhood.
8:36 am
>> in oakland, san jose and walnut creek, a lot of sunshine out there. we have less drizzle and cooler weather as you wake up. temperatures in the '50s. we are starting to warm up. fo
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> about 80 flights have been canceled already for today. because of the bad weather about 40 planes were damaged and now all of them have to be evaluated. you can see close of pictures of the hailstorm. about 3/4 of an inch in diameter. i will continue to give the updates on what is happening at denver international. >> the time is 8:38 a.m.. a live look outside and san francisco.
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>> the family of bryan stow has been named as creditors in the bankruptcy filing of the giants. bryan still continues to show signs of improvement. the families website says he is opening his mouth, turning his head and moves his arms. the family says they are continuing to get e-mail's of support from the community as bryan still remains in san francisco general hospital. the main suspect in the case of giovanni ramirez remains behind bars on an unrelated parole violation. >> we will be right back as the
8:43 am
kron 4 morning news continues. a live look from the golden gate bridge.
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>> from the bay bridge to the
8:50 am
golden gate we are seeing a pleasant conditions as you make your way into san francisco from grande county. sunshine on the deck. clouds above button ice patches of blue thread of the morning. breezy and cool air this morning. more sunshine and
8:51 am
temperatures in the '80s by the weekend. more weather and traffic to come. >> the time is 8518 and carried fewer people sought unemployment benefits last week. that is an encouraging sign that the job market might slowly be improving. weekly applications
8:52 am
dropped 22,000. this is lois level in almost three months. the toll was increased by 11,500 state workers from minnesota who fought for applications because of that state government shut down. >> on to news, a rise in is about to unleash droid 3. >> this is the droid 3 android smart phone that hits the market tomorrow. >> the bride and motorola droid 3 keeps the slide out keyboard feature that the droid 1 and 2 has. it is one of the few on the market with a slide out keyboard. the droid 3 is the best yet. here it is compared to the droid to. the droid three is in my right hand. the screen is a bigger. detroit 3 has a 4 in.
8:53 am
screen. the keyboard has been redesigned and is much better. it is bigger and more comfortable to type on. it has a separate role of the camera is a net of pixels and records 1080 ph.d. video. you also have video chatting and 80 output. it runs google 2.3. the latest, greatest and droid. the downside, it is a new phone but is not offered on the 4g network. it is a 3 d phone. this does make it cheaper.
8:54 am
it is officially on the market for 200 callers with a two-year contract. >> the time is 853 a end. we are back with more than a couple of moments.
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>> welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. a lot of funny captions have been coming in from the viewers. we put up a picture of brian wilson from the san francisco giants. this is how he showed up at the espy awards. we received a lot of comments. i have highlighted a couple of them.
8:58 am
>> if you would like to join in on our facebook fan page discussion, check us out. check out our sweepstakes. we're giving away 10 kobo your readers. the time right now is 8:57 a.m.. the kron 4 morning news will be right back. did not go away. [ male announcer ] try sizzler's new value menu!
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. that is backing traffic
9:03 am
cop alway or around. a lot of the traffic is bailing out at ninth street. more more people are getting the message. and in the south bank we've been tracking another hotspot caltran is assessing this new sinkhole that opened up. >> the workers and are not here right now. but they
9:04 am
wanna fix it before rush- hour traffic later on this evening. it started to be a problem on tuesday. you can see the concrete you can see about 1 ft. and nine half space underneath they are doing what they can't did try and shore this upper. if you drove lower this you would ruin your parkcar. crews should be a her in the next couple of hours. they have several hours to work on a before rush-hour traffic. >> good news this is
9:05 am
southbound and has not had any impact on the northbound lanes. we also won a jury of the bay bridge node back up or delay on the west bound ride therein time now for weather check >> overcast day today. we do have a warm-up and we will come to that in your fall forecast. >> this story just into the
9:06 am
kron 4 newsroom the judge has-declared a mistrial and the roger clemens case. the judge said he would not be able to have a fair trial perry has september 2nd hearing has been announced. >> developing story we're following out of a body found burning in the rock ridge area. >> the mystery continues in his quiet neighborhood. bacall came out of power around fought for 30 this morning the call was that
9:07 am
something was burning in the street. this tree has been blocked off since then they do not have a positive i.d. on the body it is a female. the investigation is continuing police sources out tiered do not believe this buy was from the neighborhood they believe it was probably dumped here and then set on fire. >> to wishing could be going up even more for university of california students they are going to vote today on raising it to a question of 9.6%. airborne libya voting
9:08 am
at 130. this is on top of the already approved a percent hike. >> it will be right back with the kron 4 morning news continues we have clouds hanging. some of delays at the airport up to two hours we will be back after the strike
9:09 am
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president's course of yesterday during a meeting on the deficit. president barack obama said also " don't call my bluff on ". >> paychecks to our troops and most ball rolled people will be at risk. we would not be able to meet payments to our military. millions of americans could lose their jobs ari. >> they will continue
9:13 am
talking again today. >> the investor service is threatening to say that the u.s. will default on their payments. this would affect mortgage as well as core loans the dow jones is up. >> and we're going to louisa find out what is going on with the weather >> the further inland you called a war the temperature
9:14 am
is are going to be. we'll be talking about a warm in the fall forecast coming ups.
9:15 am
9:16 am
9:17 am
will start with the one that has the biggest impact is the october a s street expressway it was an accident that happened in the early morning hours it was a fatal accident. the intersection has been closed down and it would likely could be closed for another hour. physics eight car carrier pigeon and was one of the vehicles involved in the accidents. that is a car carrier and one of the vehicles involved. the
9:18 am
traffic impact here it is shut down in both direction portsmout. this is an area to ad whe. the other hotspot is in the you and see caltran a crew on scene both in the southbound lanes and lanes of the off ramp this is southbound guadalupe parkway this is the all loss reported off ramp. what they
9:19 am
had problems earlier on tuesday the pavement as volatile types they want and have it repaired before the afternoon. we have assured a bridge check for real no backups or delays a great commute wit. here we wanted to the weather. >> we are getting breaks in then sky and getting some sunshine the cloud cover is higher this morning we will continue to have lower average temperatures. we are
9:20 am
seeing much better picture this morning of the fog. we are also getting stronger gusts of wind this is look of the wind speeds are around the bay area. current temperatures right now afternoon highs will be in the '70s. we will continue
9:21 am
below cloud cover throughout the week this is look of your seven day forecast. >> the apparent supply and install at deahave been added to the creditors' list for the dodgers. they had filed a lawsuit to after the beating the dodgers filed a bankruptcy. they said they could not make the payroll because of a large tv deal they lost. bryan stowe is continuing to improve. they
9:22 am
continued also to get letters of support and well wishes through e-mail. >> a shocking new study itself francisco's turk street. honda is one block there is more violent crimes than in any a other part of the city. the new study analyzes that other was compiled from last year to may of this year. there were to learn 48 crimes in this one a block area. residents and police are to looking at ways to correct the problem perr.
9:23 am
>> the chilean government is donating $20,000 to the profound to find a person of the dead killed these young man. he was shot during a robbery attempt. >> a judge is going to win sunday side will hold over for trial of 58 a 3 year-old man. the toddler was mauled to death by a pit bull it was his step a grandson. did he was arrested on child abuse and also let let a child be in a dangerous situation. the prosecution
9:24 am
is asking for a secondary degree murder charge brought against him. >> this is a big topic on our facebook fan page and this is a couple of the responses. we love getting your facebook comments and if you like to join his just joined in an on our facebook page.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
one of our hotspot in san
9:28 am
francisco is still tying up traffic is an area to avoid clear what have other information on this one kron 4 morning news continues. . yñsñkékékióç]s]s
9:29 am
9:30 am
fellows like this scene is beginning to wrapup. a few moments ago i took truck came. one person in the shuttle bus was ejected and possibly trashed by the car carrier. the tow truck is
9:31 am
still here. the traffic is still being diverted and we will be here for quite some time. they are not letting any cars go through this area we also understand three other people were injured. they do not know who ran the red light. it was a man in his 40's heading to work. knows seatbelts on the bus they are not require duplicate. he was pinned under the tractor-trailer. >> we continue to take look
9:32 am
to the traffic impact this accident has caused not only an expressway in southbound of street is also affected. but this is a route to and from the central favoring. it is no longer affecting the northbound direction into san francisco. the other hotspot we are reporting is pit the off ramps and the guadalupe bass. they start working on this on tuesday.
9:33 am
>> levees in monnet's and tell you on tuesday a call last delicate. you conceive the gravel this was a problem: what not going. you conceive a concrete gave way. some folks from caltran were out here little while ago they came with shovels. an engineer also came out to take all carried of late it was an avid taking care of before evening rush-hour. one lane is closed at this time.
9:34 am
crews will be out by midday to do the repairs. >> the biggest impact will be this afternoon if they do not get the lanes open. di and your ride away the bay bridge has been a good one. no incidents to report all the other bridges and no problems for san mateo our golden gate bridge. >> you can see cloud cover in most of the shots not quite as low as we had. the
9:35 am
low clouds will continue around the bay area. we have little bit of a warm-up coming up. >> just off the wires i judge has declared a missed trial in the roger clemens case. prosecutors showed evidence against his older quarte order. they will decide in september if there can be a new trial. this just then
9:36 am
a mistrial for roger clemens trial >> in oakland how body was found burning in the street >> crimes investigators and homicide detectives have left the scene where the mystery is how the body of walled up on the street. the call came in around 4:30 a.m. when the oakland park fire department came out they realized it was somebody burning. they called them oakland police department and crime scene investigators who. they do not have a positive i.d. on the victim but the victim
9:37 am
is a female that is all her they would release in details. the coroner came out about an hour ago picked up the body. some of the information we got they do not believe the victim is a resident of this neighborhood they do believe that, at the body was brought here and drop off. get to piece together how this body got here. >> other stories we're following tuition changes appear. border regions will vote today to increase tuition 9.6% this is on top of the 8 percent already approved. in state graduates
9:38 am
would pay $12,000. a crude student protests is scheduled for 130 this afternoon >> will be back with more in just amend this a looked at walnut creek we will be right back
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
flights have been delayed because of a hailstorm in denver look at these pictures. about 40 planes were damaged all the planes
9:42 am
have to be evaluated before they can take off. nl was three-quarters inch of in diameter ari. >> the good news is we're not socked in with the fog today. we are still seeing little bit of cloud cover. this is a look a current temperatures in san francisco and the expected high for the lengtday.
9:43 am
9:44 am
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9:46 am
9:47 am
we are still attracting some major hotspots the accident that happened around 6:00 a.m. on octavia's street. the investigation is still under way industry will still be closed end for the next 45 minutes. it is jamming up traffic all over haze valley. it is affecting the market and got streets it is a real mess and that area to avoid. the other hotspot we have been tracking at the guadalupe parkway as seen call at the almost half of ramp. and sen
9:48 am
as a traffic not 1 all one northbound still slow. no incident said to account for it. i like ride on the bay area bridges. let's head back to the weather center >> this is a shot up mt. tam and you can still see a lot cloud cover our starting off cool and your afternoon temperatures will be below average. overnight the fog
9:49 am
will return. it will continue to do that as we head into the week. this is look of the wind speeds. temperatures are staying put in the '50s. through the afternoon we will continue to see the highest in all low 70's. this is look of your seven day forecast to moral be similar to today
9:50 am
than once the weekend arrives we will start warming ups. we will bring the highs back to where they should be later on in the week. >> 9:50 a.m.. the man that crashed his is you the into another car has been charged with murder and arraigned this morning. half the 48 year-old single mother of four died in the crash. >> he is charged with both
9:51 am
he is wearing a yellow jumpsuit and is chained. he sat quietly for his arraignment he is charged with murder with a fatal crash the highway patrol said he was driving north in the south call lanes and swerve into the path of an oncoming car. 30 of her relatives were in court for the arraignment. her death has left of large boy in their lives. he will enter a formal plea later on in the month.
9:52 am
>> quick question why did they think he drivers driving in the wrong direction? >> that is the million- dollar question they might be calling for special circumstances in this case he admitted at the scene he wanted to murder or kill someone. they are also going to look into it mental issues. >> you all have a few days
9:53 am
left to enter a sweepstakes to get a kobe key reader. goethe our facebook fan page. >> there's still some clouds hanging over the bridge there are two or delays on some flights at the airport. we will be right back
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welcome back to the kron 4 morning news this morning most people are talking about brian morris outset. he is dressed head to toe in a spandex tops field. .
9:57 am
joining in on the fine on our facebook page. >> also had the emmy nomination is coming out this morning. this is some of the nominations. and watching bay area weather we are to be warming up the bed still some fog in the morning. coming up on
9:58 am
dr.phil of 15 year-old life has come to an end.
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